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Image of ROYALTY Tee
  • Image of ROYALTY Tee

Vika and Linda Bull are royalty. But, not the fancy spoilt baby kind of royalty, rather, the kind of royalty who work hard as hell and leave a trail of love and happiness behind. Without them, so many hits wouldn't hit so hard, and so many live shows wouldn't have enough soul. Most importantly, though, these royals have been a powerful Pasifika presence on our TVs, radios, and pop cultural everythings for YEARS, and that's a gift that every Islander (or Indigenous person) with a love of local music should be thankful for. I know I am.
And, fucking hell, they're so hot too.

Original illustration by Handsome Dan, Pleasant Tattoo, Toronto. Colorised (in Paul Worstead hat-tipping style) by me.